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INTERVIEW: Transforming the culture of masculinity with Robert Schwenkler

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Robert Schwenkler is an amazing men's coach & founder of The Brotherhood Community. With his work, Robert helps modern men to step into their true authentic power & potential. His clients experience amazing breakthroughs in their careers, relationships and friendships after working with him.

In this interview Robert and I talk about:

- Transforming the culture of masculinity

- How to move from disintegrated masculinity to integrated masculinity

- The importance of awareness of impact of actions

- Healing the divide between goal-orientation and empathy

- The yearning for true fulfilment & deeper purpose

- Is achieving goals an internal or an external job?

- Why it's powerful for men to be connected to their emotional body/hearts

- Heart-based leadership

For more information on Robert and his men's work please visit:

Thank you so much for watching!


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