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INTERVIEW: The power & pitfalls of AI, education & ethics in Edtech, with Jessica K. White

Jessica Kennedy White is an EdTech consultant, public speaker and education specialist in the fields of educational tech, AI, ethics, immigration and ethnicity.

In this interview Jessica and I talk about the power & pitfalls of AI, education & ethics in EdTech including:

- How technology is impacting & enhancing education

- Rethinking education & technology and their impact on society

- Technology as a powerful tool to increase agency

- What are the real benefits of digital technologies?

- What are the possible pitfalls of digital technologies?

- Moral & ethical issues behind digital technologies like AI

- What does the future hold?

- How technologies can empower us to fulfil & enhance more of our human potential

...and much more!

For more information on Jessica please connect with her on LinkedIn:

Apologies for the unstable sound levels - we had some technical issues :)

Thanks so much for watching!!

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