What makes me love coaching: 

I have a natural curiosity for what makes people tick and for understanding the underlying dynamics of human behaviour, that are not always so apparent at first sight. In that sense I love looking deeper, beneath the "tip of the iceberg", as this is where the problems (and their solutions) usually reside.


I believe that the majority of issues prevalent are due to a lack of awareness of a person's unconscious behaviours and beliefs guiding their behaviour. Through awareness followed by the right tools, a person can change their internal "landscape" and truly create change for themselves and the people around them.

About me:

I have 7 years of experience working in a variety of sectors including the events' and marketing as well as coaching professionals and entrepreneurs on achieving their personal goals, and using their potential to achieve the mission they want to achieve. I have lead and supported teams at events to perform at their best and have spent 18 months working in HR development & executive coaching/training and corporate communications' at the European Central Bank.


My strengths lie in understanding people quickly and deeply because of the questions I ask and the mix of skills and competencies I use to help people get the to the bottom of things quickly. As an experienced communicator I am skilled at helping people communicate clearly and confidently, and helping them improve their emotional intelligence, self-awareness and leadership style.


Further experience includes live marketing & sales experience and being able to generate customer leads with great ease. I can teach people how to become more relatable, engage with customers and staff in an authentic way and win people over. This skill has been developed through a mix of experience (having worked with hundreds of people) & skill (reading people, understanding their psychology and communicating with clarity).

what i can help with:

  • Improved self-awareness which leads to a change in behaviour and better results.


  • Understanding of self and others leading to more compassion, empathy and a more effective leadership style.


  • Feeling more at ease and relaxed which improves overall performance & increased productivity.


  • Clearer and more effective communication.


  • Improved creativity and ideas - as a result of understanding personal „flow“

Who I work with:

I particularly enjoy working with female professionals, founders and executives who are driven and ambitious and want to change the way they show up in the world and at their work through personal development and enhanced self-awareness. I also love helping people become more effective people managers/leaders and better understand what truly makes people tick. 

I am effective at helping people get from "stuck" to perceiving clarity and direction as well as motivation to shifting their unconscious beliefs. 

My coaching philosophy:

My coaching style is based on the following guiding principles:


  • Coaching as a sounding board & feedback mechanism

  • Coaching as for a more effective leadership style

  • Coaching as a mirror: hidden „blindspots“ uncovered

  • Coaching as a reflection point: uncovering the underlying motivations, clarity on the "why"/overall vision, geting ideas flowing for the business & team

  • Coaching as a resource to shift behaviours & attitudes

  • Coaching as a way to uncover personal strengths and learning to harness them: being in a „flow“ state.



 Big Picture Thinker, People Enabler & Moderator For Multilingual Real Talk