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The Art of Conversation

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Event moderation in English, German and Spanish

Very good knowledge of French.

  • Panel Discussions

  • Roundtables

  • Interactive/group dialogues

  • Interviews

  • Webinars

  • Conference Host/Emcee


Hello, Hallo, Hola, Bonjour!

It's great to meet you! 


I'm Mounia Berrada-Gouzi, a multilingual event moderator and people enabler. I love events because they are all about connection, community, and people - three things that I really cherish in life!

My role is to "build bridges" and help spark authentic connection in an open, inclusive and flexible way.  As a naturally curious and inquisitive person, I enable genuine, interactive event experiences that flow effortlessly and are built on empathy, care and trust.

My clients value my ability to create an energetic, engaging and dynamic space for true human connection and light-bulb moments. 

My speciality is moderating conversational, discussion-led, interactive event formats including roundtables, panels, interviews, meetings and webinars. If you are looking for an engaging, intellectual, open-minded, people-focused moderator, get in touch!  


I have worked with a global network of brands such as Ford, Abbott, Oracle, Google, Huawei, IBM, Philips and many more for leadership-driven business events and conferences. Due to my academic background, I really enjoy diving into the complexities of opposing thought and can effectively move my guests (and audience) to dig deeper.


I believe having a warm, kind, clear and personable communication style facilitates an opportunity for everyone involved to speak their minds and have quality conversations: in English, German and Spanish.

Let me help you take your virtual, hybrid or in-person event to the next level.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Mounia Berrada-Gouzi


 "Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

What a fun and engaging conversation. You are the consummate professional and obviously love what you do" 

Ira Wolfe - Top 5 Global Thought Leader Future of Work and HR

"You are the best moderator I have seen and I'm not easy to please"

Senior Leader & Speaker, UST

"Working with Mounia was an absolute joy! The level of professionalisum, dedication to researching the topic and presenters, along with her genuine interest in the content was outstanding. Mounia brought a level of warmth, humility, intelligence, and elegance to the webinar that I have rarely witness in all my time running online events. I would engage Mounia again in a heartbeat"

Jamie Bligh, Events' Manager, Australian Psychological Society

 "Brilliant moderating today. Thank you. Too many events are run by people who are not able to properly coordinate the session. Your work was excellent

Robin Smith, CISO, Aston Martin 

"I didn’t get a chance to thank everyone for the excellent session. Special kudos to Mounia; you’re a star in the moderation space!

Technology Leader, LZ Labs

 "I have attended a lot of roundtables but you were the best moderator I have ever had. I loved the way you were able to build bridges between ideas and how you worked really hard to engage everyone"

Main Speaker from GitLab

 "Mounia is very natural in front of the camera and has great talent for conversation, as she finds the right questions to ask and truly understands the dynamic of a good panel discussion. She has a pleasant way of presenting information and keeping the audience engaged. Mounia is involved in the whole event process and works with you to ensure a great result. She received very high ratings from our audience

Anton Lindholm, Portfolio Content Lead Sweden, Management Events

"Mounia was amazing! She was very well prepared and asked great questions. She was able to adapt to the different speakers and their styles. Fantastic job!"

Thomas Kuczek - Technology Program Manager, Google

 "Mounia is a very professional and an   extremely likeable moderator. She  moderated our virtual customer event in an  open and friendly manner, creating a pleasant atmosphere and presented  technical topics in an engaging way. I have  never met anyone who can switch so  effortlessly and effectively between  languages. I highly recommend her!" 

Stephanie Van Der Velden - Marketing Team Lead, Theben AG

"Mounia is a fantastic moderator. Very professional! Hope to work with her again in the future!"

Vice President Regional Business Units,


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Enabling human connection one conversation at a time

Enabling human connection one conversation at a time

Enabling human connection one conversation at a time

Enabling human connection one conversation at a time

The Art of Conversation

Enabling human connection one conversation at a time

"Delightfully on-point"
Shola Kaye, Award-Winning S

R. Smith, CISO at Aston Martin

"Exceptional Moderator"
M. Visser, Management Events

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